Neighborhood Cats is proud to have received the following awards in recognition of our groundbreaking work:

  • Muse Medallion, Cat Writers Association Annual Contest 2008 (Best in Category: Video, DVD or Television Production)

A Muse Medallion was awarded for the video, Trap-Neuter-Return: Fixing Feral Cat Overpopulation, directed by Neighborhood Cats' Bryan Kortis and produced by The Humane Society of the United States.  The 16 minute film examines the causes of feral cat overpopulation, evaluates traditional methods for reducing the cats' numbers and presents TNR as the approach most likely to succeed.  It can be viewed on the Feral Cats page of HSUS or purchased as part of the Effectively Managing Feral Cats CD/DVD from HSUS for $9.99 (click here).

  • AKC Companion Animal Recovery Award 2007

As part of the Cat Writers Association Annual Contest 2007, this special award was granted for the guide, Implementing a Community Trap-Neuter-Return Program, authored by Bryan Kortis and published by The Humane Society of the United States.  The award was given to, "the best single entry which informs and educates the general public about issues relating to lost cats, stray cats, behaviors of roaming and feral cats, and all forms of pet identification and recovery."
  The judge, Dr. Valerie Creighton, wrote, "I cannot imagine a more useful or better-written guide to the implementation of a TNR program."  (Read judge's full comments.)

  • In Defense of Animals' Guardian of the Month (January 2007)

Based on his work as executive director and co-founder of Neighborhood Cats, Executive Director Bryan Kortis was selected Guardian of the Month for January, 2007, by In Defense of Animals
"Bryan is a pioneer in bringing together feral cat TNR groups with bird and wildlife organizations to discuss ways to work toward the common goal of having fewer cats born outside.  His cooperative approach has advanced the TNR movement around the globe."  (Read full article.)

  • ASPCA Special Humane Award 2005
  • Muse Medallion, Cat Writers Association Annual Contest 2005 (Best in Category:  Long Special Publication)

The Neighborhood Cats TNR Handbook
won both the ASPCA Special Humane Award and a Muse Medallion for being best in category in the Cat Writers Association Annual Contest 2005.  The ASPCA Special Humane Award was presented to the work, "that best illustrates an aspect of the ASPCA's mission, such as pet overpopulation, humane education, shelter adoptions, or the prevention of cruelty."   The judge, Susan Stanton, wrote, "The extraordinary depth and breadth of information, as well as the high level of professionalism in writing and execution, separated it from the other entries."
  (Read judge's full comments).

  • Muse Medallion, Cat Writers Association Annual Contest 2005 (Best in Category: Video Production)

Received for the instructional video, How to Perform a Mass Trapping, directed by Neighborhood Cats' Emma Cobb and Bryan Kortis.  The judge commented, "Presents information I have not seen anywhere else in an extremely clear, comprehensive and compelling way."

  • Muse Medallion, Cat Writers Association Annual Contest 2004 (Best in Category: Color Photography Series)

Meredith Weiss of Neighborhood Cats was honored for her photography appearing in the article, "Trap, Neuter, Return:  The Humane Alternative," published in ASPCA Animal Watch (Nov. 2003).  According to the judge, her photos, "All these entries are technically perfect, but the winners edged out with their artistic mood and emotion."

  • Feral Cat Organization of the Year (2002)

Citing the influence of Neighborhood Cats in the rapid growth of TNR in New York City, Alley Cat Allies named us the Feral Cat Organization of the Year for 2002.  Becky Robinson, National Director of Alley Cat Allies, presented former President Ruth Sharp with an Award of Excellence (photo, r.)


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