Cat Containment Systems

To be effective, any cat containment system must be installed and maintained according to manufacturer instructions. Recommended choices include:

Purrfect Fence

This system is free-standing and uses plastic grid fencing. Arched tops prevent climbing over and ground stakes every two feet prevent digging under. This system is effective when set up on open ground, meaning the ground stakes can be inserted into soil. It can be installed around very large open spaces with your budget being the only real limitation. Discounts are available for section 501(c)(3) nonprofits.

Cat Fence-In

Cat Fence


These systems use special netting placed on top of fences, walls, or the like, and around the base of tree trunks, to prevent climbing over or up. They'll work to keep the cats in when the fences, walls, etc., upon which they are attached do not allow for cats to exit or dig under the fences, walls, etc. For example, the netting could be placed on top of a chainlink fence set on cement ground with no or only a very slight opening along the bottom of the fence.