• TNR Mini-Course
This article, Trap-Neuter-Return: Working with Feral Cats, was authored by Neighborhood Cats and presented at the 2003 Asia for Animals conference.  The article defines TNR, discusses failed alternatives, defines a "feral" cat, describes the steps in a TNR project and lists elements of a community-wide TNR program.  Available in the following translations:

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  • Wildlife
Perry, D., Perry, G. (2008) Improving Interactions between Animal Rights Groups and Conservation Biologists, Conservation Biology, 22: 27-35.   A must-read for feral cat activists working with wildlife officials to resolve situations involving sensitive wildlife habitat or rare species.  Click here (pdf file).
  • Working cats
"LAPD enlists feral cats for rat patrol," by Carla Hall, Los Angeles Times (December 29, 2007).  Feral cats keep rats away at L.A. police stations.  Click here.
"Rat Patrol," by Bob Pool, Los Angeles Times (August 28, 2002) - Feral cats keep rats away at L.A. flower market.  Click here.

  • Other
"Trying to Herd a Cat Stat," by Carl Bialik, Wall Street Journal (October 12, 2006).  Debunks the too-often cited statistic that two cats in seven years will produce 420,000 cats.  Click here.