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A Win for the Cats!

Hillsborough County, Florida resolution supports TNR

December 29, 2011

For much of 2011 the Humane Society of Tampa Bay has been working with the Hillsborough County Animal Advisory Committee to recommend a resolution supporting county-wide Trap-Neuter-Return. Last month their efforts paid off when the Board of County Commissioners voted unanimously to pass the resolution.

To read the new Hillsborough County resolution click here.

Increasingly, TNR is receiving legal recognition for its contributions to the well-being of communities where it is practiced. To view a state-by-state list of ordinances supportive of Trap-Neuter-Return click here.

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Reuben Comes in From the Cold

How one forgotten cat found his way home

December 22, 2011

Reuben is a gray and white tom who was born on the streets of New York City. He grew up frightened of people and had to struggle each day just to survive.

A few months ago things were looking up for Reuben. He found an unexpected friend but when disaster struck it was up to Neighborhood Cats to save him.

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Enter the Bad Santa Contest

It's good to be bad

December 22, 2011

Ever hoped for a nice piece of jewelry and gotten galoshes, or maybe a cheese platter instead? Welcome to the Neighborhood Cats BAD SANTA Contest!

Just tell us about your worst, crummiest, most Grinch-worthy holiday gift ever. Best worst entry wins a pair of tickets to the great new film Miss Minoes, opening Dec. 23rd at Cinema Village, NYC.

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Starting Over: the Sunset Park Cats

After devastating loss, help them find new lives

December 2, 2011

Last month the caretaker of a colony in Sunset Park, Brooklyn was tragically struck by a truck and killed. Her first thoughts were always for her beloved cats and she would be grateful to know caring people have stepped forward to help them.

Most of the cats have been placed but Peppy and Poli (right) and Rosie, three friendly kitties, still desperately need homes.

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Neighborhood Cats Now on Twitter!

Follow us @NbrhoodCats

November 30, 2011

Quick updates. Great ideas. Now it's easy to get TNR info-on-the-go. Just follow us daily on Twitter @NbrhoodCats.

We want to know what you think so please "tweet" us back! And "retweet" us so we can share info with even more feral friends!

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Eat Chocolate! Save Lives!

Neighborhood Cats named Rescue Chocolate's November beneficiary

November 22, 2011

Rescue Chocolate - "the sweetest way to save a life" - is a Brooklyn NY-based chocolatier with a heart. 100% of net profits from their handcrafted, all-natural vegan treats are donated to benefit animal welfare organizations across the country. 

This November Neighborhood Cats is proud to be Rescue Chocolate's Charity of the Month. Check out their incredible assortment of goodies including Peanut Butter Pit Bull (inspired by founder Sarah Gross' own rescued pittie, Mocha), Foster-iffic Peppermint and (our faves) Mission Feral Fig and Wild at Heart.  

Your November purchase will help feral kittens and cats live.  Eat more chocolate!

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New Webinars from PetSmart Charities

Watch + learn to strengthen your animal welfare efforts

October 28, 2011

This November PetSmart Charities is offering a series of animal-welfare focused webinars. All webinars are free of charge but advanced registration is required.

Topics include Foster for Success with insights to improve existing foster care programs or successfully launch new ones; Planning for the Possibility that Pets Outlive Their Human Companions; What Happened to the Puppy in the Window Feeling? Stress Management for the Animal Welfare Employee and a four-part Disaster Preparedness series.

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The Neighborhood Cats Cap

Your new favorite cap is here!

October 13, 2011

You've got a favorite pair of jeans, a favorite shirt, a trusty coat you always reach for first. Now here's the cap you'll want to wear all the time.

The Neighborhood Cats Cap
features our name and signature logo - it's a great way to start conversations about TNR. And with holiday time just around the corner it's a great stocking stuffer too!

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Winter Shelter for Feral Cats

plus where to buy shelters and straw in NYC

October 13, 2011

With a little help from their friends, feral cats can survive in just about any climate. Providing warm, dry winter shelter is an essential part of colony caretaking in colder regions and now, as winter approaches, is the time to prepare.

Fortunately there are lots of inexpensive, relatively simple ways to make good, durable shelter to keep the cats toasty on the coldest nights. Check out our Feral Cat Winter Shelter page for ideas. Also have a look at Preventing Water from Freezing.

Attention caretakers in the New York City Area! For a list of ready-made shelters for purchase as well as locations where you can buy straw, click here (pdf file).

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Introducing the Neighborhood Cats Drop Trap!

Now Available from Tomahawk Live Traps

September 16, 2011

Experienced trappers know that sometimes, to get the job done, you need a drop trap.  Maybe you're after an especially shy or elusive cat.  Maybe you need to pick out one pregnant feral from a large colony.  Unlike box traps, drop traps don't trigger a cat's natural wariness about stepping into a confined space because they work by falling down over the cat.  The drop trap is highly effective.  Just one problem: to date, there's been nowhere to get them!  Now, problem solved as Neighborhood Cats has worked with Tomahawk Live Traps (the industry standard for humane traps) to design the first commercially available dop trap ever.

The Neighborhood Cats Drop Trap is durable, collapsible, 14 portable pounds.  The design allows for escape-free transfer to a normal box trap.  Best of all, it's affordable and available now from Tomahawk.  May be purchased individually or in a kit with transfer cage.

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PetSmart Charities Targeted and Free-roaming Cat Spay/Neuter Grant Program Now Open

Online applications accepted through September 15

August 31, 2011

PetSmart Charities is currently accepting online applications for 1 and 2 year grants for its summer/fall 2011 grant cycle.  In response to the impact Hurricane Irene may have had on applicants, the original deadline of  August 31 has been extended to Thursday, September 15, 2011.  This applies to all applicants; you do not need to be situated in an area affected by the hurricane to qualify for the extension.

To access PetSmart Charities' targeted s/n grant application click here.  To access their  free-roaming cat s/n grant application click here.  Canadian applicants, please go to Grants for Canadian Agencies for deadlines and information about grants in Canada.

Before submitting an application it is highly recommended you view the updated webinars, Navigating PetSmart Charities' New Online Grant Application (note there are two; one for new users, one for returning users) and PetSmart Charities' High Impact Spay/Neuter Grants: What Are We Looking For? For more information and to view a reference copy of the application go to Grants FAQs.
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Hurricane Preparation

Follow these steps to help your ferals safely through stormy weather

August 26, 2011

When severe weather strikes, here are some things you can do to protect your colonies.  > Learn More

Cleaning Traps

Prevent the spread of disease with these simple steps

August 16, 2011

Soiled traps and equipment can spread disease among cats and colonies, so it's important to thoroughly clean up after each trapping.  Fortunately, an ounce of prevention (or in this case, a gallon) will go a long way towards keeping cats healthy.  

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New Data Mapping Tool Available

BatchGeo delivers (free) interactive Google maps

August 15, 2011

How many colonies are being managed in a given zip code? Where are the most intact pit bulls coming from? Spay/neuter programs work best when reliable data points the way, telling us where problems need to be solved and resources directed.

Everyone knows a good map = 1,000 words and now BatchGeo can help! BatchGeo makes visualizing location data a snap; it accepts cut-and-paste info from spreadsheets and will even color-code locations to match data categories.  To get mapping in a couple of clicks, click here.
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Hot Weather Alert

Trapping and transporting safely through the dog days of summer

July 21, 2011

Extreme temperatures are hazardous for everyone.  When you're trapping in hot weather know what to do - and what not to do - to keep feral cats safe.   > Learn More

Jackson Wants to Walk!

A campaign to help a stray cat walk again

July 15, 2011

A few months ago Neighborhood Cats rescued a badly injured cat from a basement in Brooklyn.  "Jackson" needed extensive care to save his life including orthopedic surgery to rebuild a shattered hind leg.  

Jackson's medical treatment has been costly and now we need your help! Please click here to read more about this brave little cat and to make a donation through our FirstGiving campaign towards his ongoing care. > Learn More

Understanding the Pit Bull Placebo Webinar

How to Break the Cycle of Discrimination

July 14, 2011

Stereotypes based on breed or appearance, whether they appear in shelter policies, commercial policies or law, lower the intrinsic value of   all dogs and destroy the human-canine bond.  Learn America's history of discrimination against different groups of dogs, how our attitudes, not facts, created the crisis confronting "pit bull" dogs and how a truer understanding of dogs can inspire us to break the cycle of discrimination once and for all.

Presented by Donald Cleary, National Canine Research Council.
This webinar will be offered on July 20 and July 22; click here to register.
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TNR Position Statements

Important Information for Advocates

June 11, 2011

Neighborhood Cats has compiled the latest position statements on Trap Neuter Return issued by The Humane Society of the United States and other noted national and regional organizations.  Click here to view the complete list; the information can be helpful if you are working with a municipality to establish a TNR program, seeking grant monies or otherwise looking to strengthen your feral cat program. > Learn More


Happy Mothers' Spay! Winners

One contest; two big winners!

May 11, 2011

Neighborhood Cats' Happy Mothers' Spay contest celebrates every fixed cat who doesn't bring more homeless kittens into the world - and honors the hard-working trappers and caretakers who make that happen.
Our 1st annual Happy Mothers Spay! contest ended in a tie.  "Li'l Kit Kat" and "Mama Belle" are both footloose and kitten-free.  Click the link below for their stories.

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Tips on Working with the Media

Strengthen your outreach with this 3-part webinar

April 27, 2011

If your TNR group, shelter, spay/neuter clinic or other type of animal welfare organization would benefit from some media attention but you don't know how to get it, help is here!  PetSmart Charities is offering a comprehensive free 3-part webinar, Tips on Working with the Media.  Get answers to questions like: How do you approach the media? How do you write a press release and who do you send it to? What do you do when a reporter calls? Learn proven tips and strategies and get the attention your hard work - and your animals -deserve!  To register go to

Online Auction Supports TNR

Bid, win & help New England Ferals!

April 15, 2011

Our friends at the Lowell Trap-Neuter-Return Coalition in Massachusetts are holding an online auction to raise funds for their feral cat programs.  Biddings starts 4/27 but items can be previewed now!  Prizes range from a heated carrier to 2 tix to the US Open to an Ultimate NASCAR Experience.  Go to  for more info.


Trapping Feral Cats

TNR info for new and experienced trappers

March 20, 2011

Spring is here, when a young tomcat’s thoughts turn lightly to…well, you know. The change of seasons often ushers in Kitten Season with its explosion of unwanted births, so now is a good time to TNR the intact cats in your area. Whether you need to trap one feral or a large colony we can help! See our Trapping – the Basics page, for step-by-step TNR instructions and a checklist of essential supplies. Click “learn more” for info like tips on catching that one trap-savvy cat. > Learn More


PetSmart Charities' Free-roaming Cat Spay/Neuter Grant Program Now Open

Online applications accepted through March 31

February 19, 2011

For more information, click here for the press release.  Also, see the Free-roaming Cat Spay/Neuter Grant page on the PetSmart Charities site.  Before submitting an application, it's highly recommended you view the recorded webinars Navigating PetSmart Charities' New Online Grant Application and Petsmart Charities' High Impact Spay/Neuter Grants:  What are We Looking For?
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All You Need to Know About TNR !

CD/DVD set available from HSUS

February 10, 2011

Whether you're trapping cats in your backyard or setting up a community-wide TNR program, Effectively Managing Feral Cats has all the information you'll need.  This compilation of educational materials, featuring videos and books produced and written by Neighborhood Cats, is available through The Humane Society of the United States for $9.99. 
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Winter Shelter for Feral Cats

plus where to buy shelters & straw in NYC

February 9, 2011

With a little help from their friends, feral cats can survive in just about any climate.  Just ask the folks advancing TNR in Toronto!  Providing warm, dry winter shelter is an essential part of colony caretaking in colder climates and now, as winter approaches, is the time to prepare.  Fortunately, there are lots of inexpensive, relatively simple ways to make good, durable shelter to keep the cats toasty on the coldest nights.  Check out our Feral Cat Winter Shelter page for ideas.  Also have a look at Preventing Water from Freezing.

Attention caretakers in the New York City area!
  For a list of ready-made shelters for purchase as well as locations where you can buy straw, click here (pdf file).

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PetSmart Charities’ High Impact Spay/Neuter Grants: What Are We Looking For?

Webinar on available spay/neuter grant funding

January 18, 2011

Monday, February 77:00 a.m. Hawaii; 9:00 a.m. pacific; 10:00 a.m. mountain; 11:00 a.m. central; 12:00 p.m. eastern

Wednesday, February 911:00 a.m. Hawaii; 12:00 p.m. pacific; 1:00 p.m. mountain; 2:00 p.m. central; 3:00 p.m. eastern

In the Fall of 2009 PetSmart Charities changed their guidelines for spay/neuter grants and introduced High Impact Grants under two funding areas of Targeted & Free-roaming Cat Spay/Neuter grants.   This webinar, instructed by Program Manager Bryan Kortis, will explain the High Impact Grant guidelines and offer examples of high impact projects funded in the past.  You can register for this session at and make sure you are viewing the Training Center Tab.

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The Neighborhood Cats trap

Now available online from Tomahawk

January 2, 2011

Tired of taping cardboard onto the trip plate of a trap meant for catching raccoons?  Exasperated at getting your feral cat back from the vet and finding the back door unlocked?  Never enough room on the top plate to place your labels?  At long last, your trap has arrived!  Manufactured by Tomahawk, a family-owned business renowned for their high quality work, and designed by Neighborhood Cats, this is the first trap on the market made especially for Trap-Neuter-Return.  Now available for purchase.
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Rabies Advisory


Rabies is a viral disease that can have a devastating impact on feral colonies.

Read Neighborhood Cats' Rabies Advisory for information to help protect your cats in the event of an outbreak in your area.

Dollars for Scholars

The Neighborhood Cats/Humane Alliance Veterinary Scholarship Program helps vets help more cats in communities with greatest need. Here's how.

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Donate Your Vehicle, Help Cats!


Got an old car, truck, motorcycle, RV or boat? Now you can donate any vehicle - from anywhere - and support Neighborhood Cats while earning a tax benefit too. It's fast, free and simple!

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