S.O.S. - Save Our Sasha!

ChipIn to save a gentle life

June 11, 2012

A day after Neighborhood Cats claimed Sasha from Animal Care & Control we learned two things. First, despite her tipped left ear this girl is far from feral. She loves people and wants only to be held and cuddled. Second, neglect and stress had taken a toll on her little body. When Sasha suddenly began having trouble breathing we rushed her for emergency veterinary care.  The diagnosis: acute pneumonia.

Sasha is young, gentle, with a coat the color of gingersnaps-and-milk and a wide-eyed appeal all her own. She should have a lifetime of chasing catnip mice and dozing on windowsills ahead, and we're trying hard to give that to her. But the medical care she needs is costly, expenses are mounting and we're turning to our friends for support. Any donation to Sasha's ChipIn page - large or small - can help save her life and give her the happy future she deserves. To make a contribution for Sasha pease click here.