Hurray for Happy Mothers Spay!

Mothers Day spay/neuter project a success!

June 12, 2012

Forget cards and flowers. This year we celebrated Mother's Day with a gift that's really thoughtful: Happy Mothers Spay!, a special day of free spay/neuter for NYC's feral cats. Working in cooperation with The Toby Project and Ferals in Peril, on Friday, May 11 we underwrote care for 28 ferals (16 females, 12 males) who were all fixed, eartipped and vaccinated against rabies.

Happy Mothers Spay! was sponsored by Neighborhood Cats at the stationary Brooklyn spay/neuter clinic which is a collaborative partnership between The Toby Project and Ferals in Peril Inc. Initiated in July 2011, the Brooklyn stationary clinic provides free spay/neuter two days per week, with the goal of stemming the growth of the feral cat population in NYC. On May 11 Neighborhood Cats covered the cost of an extra day at the Brooklyn stationary clinic for TNR-certified caretakers so that even more cats in our community don't become moms (or dads). 
Special thanks to The Toby Project and Ferals in Peril for partnering with us and making Happy Mothers Spay! a success!