Thank You, CAT DADDY!

Donations from Jackson Galaxy's new book will save cats who need help most

June 15, 2012

Have you read Cat Daddy by Jackson Galaxy yet? This unique memoir/cat care book has just been released -  but it's already making a difference for kittens and cats who need help most. That's because $1 from each copy preordered through May 10 was donated to Neighborhood Cats and two other great, cat friendly organizations. Thanks to Jackson's deep commitment to the well-being of all cats, and with the generous support of his publisher, Tarcher/Penguin, countless lives will be saved as Neighborhood Cats, Best Friends Animal Society and the Stray Cat Alliance each receive a donation of $2,000.

Fans of Jackson Galaxy, star of Animal Planet's My Cat From Hell, know he has an uncanny ability to connect with troubled felines and their stressed-out humans. Now, Cat Daddy chronicles his surprising journey from down-and-out rock musician struggling with addiction to the acclaimed feline behaviorist he is today. Along the way, working part-time at an animal shelter in Colorado Jackson met Benny, a cast-off cat whose owner coolly announced when she surrendered him that he'd been hit by a car, had a broken pelvis and was "un-bondable" anyway. Nothing, it turned out, could have been further from the truth. That day was the beginning of the pair's remarkable 13-year friendship.

Cat Daddy is a poignant account of how two broken beings fixed each other. The book's practical, "how-to" side also includes a wealth of advice on living with and caring for the felines in your life. If you preordered Cat Daddy, we thank you for your support. If you haven't read it yet...what are you waiting for? Cat Daddy is a 100% must-read for any-and-everyone who cares about cats. Available in bookstores and online; for ordering information please
click here.

And just a reminder! - on June 30, 2012 Jackson will be returning with a third season of My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet. 

Here's a sampling of Galaxy's approach to cat care, which he sums up by saying, "I help people see the world through their cat's eyes".

*He jumps on top of the fridge because he must.
 The way Galaxy sees it, cats are either bush dwellers or tree dwellers by nature. And if your tree dweller is stuck at ground level in a small apartment, he will seek higher ground. "Give your cat vertical space with cat furniture. Do that, and it's like you're doubling his territory."

*Your cat isn't the problem; you're the problem. "Cats react to the situation their guardians have set them up to react to," says Galaxy. If you get tense every time you pick up your cat, she'll get tense, too - and possibly draw her claws as she squirms out of your arms. If you're calm and confident around your kitty, she'll mirror the behavior.

*He really won't go crazy cooped up indoors. "Cats should be out in the world, but it's just not safe, especially in the city," says Galaxy. "I believe in indoor cats. If you're resourceful with toys and indoor perches, you can provide that level of exploration and challenge that they need within your home."

*A good chin scratch is always purrfect. Cats emit large doses of pheremones from their cheeks, chin and between the eyes, so when you stroke your pet's face, not only are you showing love, you're helping him spread his scent all over you - and claim ownership of his territory. "You're simply a very important piece of that territory - you must be owned! explains Galaxy.

Cat Daddy by Jackson Galaxy
Published May 10, 2012 from Tarcher-Penguin Books
$24.95; ISBN 978-1-58542-937-0