Happy Birthday Neighborhood Cats!

Celebrating 12 years of achievements for ferals

July 13, 2012

What's special about July 11? That's's our birthday! Neighborhood Cats just turned 12 and that means a dozen years of making life better for feral and stray cats in NYC and beyond. Since we began we've taught hundreds of TNR Workshops and trained thousands of caretakers...spayed and neutered countless ferals and found homes for endless litters of rescued kittens...given away truckloads of donated food...and so much more!

This year we celebrated our Big Day with a HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEIGHBORHOOD CATS Caption Contest. Contestants were asked to provide captions for this photo:


Choosing the winners wasn't easy! We received tons of great, creative captions but in the end, selected these as the best of the best:

1st Prize (winner of a Neighborhood Cats Trap by Tomahawk)
Do these hands make me look fat?
Jodie Kunkel

2nd Prize (winner of a set of 2 trap dividers)
So then this feral says to me, "no, seriously, just go in the trap and eat the sardines. They'll let you back out".
Michelle Lerner

3rd Prizes (each awarded DVD of Neighborhood Cats' video, How to Perform a Mass Trapping)
What do you mean, bath time?
Ann-Marie DiGennaro

I just pretend to be feral when the other guys aren't watching.

Penny Leisch

After I see the doctor, can we go for ice cream?
Jayne Streim

I need a bigger lap.
Marguerite Vigliante

See Gertrude, my old tux still fits.
Chris Zizzo

Congratulations to all our winners and BIG thanks to everyone who sent in captions!

What else was special about July 11? At Park Slope Veterinary Center in Brooklyn, Neighborhood Cats sponsored a full day of spay/neuter for ferals, underwriting costs to fix, eartip and rabies vaccinate 20 cats. It's our extra birthday gift to the cats and caretakers who look after them so devotedly. Very special thanks to Dr. Yvonne Szacki, owner of PSVC for helping us make this spay/neuter event possible!