SocialPakt Tee Supports Neighborhood Cats!

Limited edition - available for 2 weeks only

August 4, 2012

Want to look great, promote adoptions and raise money to help cats in need, all at once? Now you can! The Neighborhood Cats limited edition "T" was created by SocialPakt, a startup company that uses social media to sell unique t-shirts that help causes. Their new Faces campaign features compelling images of animals awaiting adoption...animals like Neighborhood Cats' "Clay", a sweet kitty hoping to find his forever home.* 

Our friends at @SocialPakt will be offering the Neighborhood Cats T-Shirt now through August 12. Each tee is just $22 and $6 from each one purchased will be donated to us! That means you'll be spreading awareness for special animals like Clay AND helping our Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) efforts, to make life better for feral and stray cats everywhere. To order your limited edition tee, please click here.

Neighborhood Cats thanks Brooke Jacobs ( for her wonderful photograph of Clay. Special thanks to Bailey Schroeder and her amazing team at SocialPakt for making a difference, one t-shirt at a time!

*For more information about Clay, please see his profile on Petfinder.