2 Days Left! High Impact S/N Grant Applications Due 8/31

Targeted s/n funding for ferals and pets

August 29, 2012

Does your s/n program need funding to reach more animals? Would you like to have a greater impact on overpopulation in your area? A PetSmart Charities High Impact Spay/Neuter Grant may be the answer!

PetSmart Charities (PCI) offers one and two year grants to underwrite high impact spay/neuter projects in two categories: Targeted and Free-roaming Cats. In both cases, the goal is to lower euthanasia in shelters by stabilizing and ultimately reducing populations within a designated geographic area.

Applications for both categories must be submitted online. Deadline for submissions for the current grant cycle is midnight, August 31, 2012. 

The Free-Roaming Cat Spay/Neuter Program offers grant monies, the creation of a strategic plan  and mentoring for high-impact Trap-Neuter-Return projects. To qualify, applicants will need to spay and neuter a substantial percentage of the estimated feral population within the targeted area. Projects may include s/n for pet cats; however, if owned animals are to make up the majority of s/n surgeries, the application should be submitted under PCI's Targeted Spay/Neuter Program. 

The Targeted Spay/Neuter Program provides funding and mentoring for high impact s/n efforts for owned cats and dogs; these projects must be  focused in areas identified as having critical need. Target areas may include all or part of a county, city, town, zip code, census tract, neighborhood or other definable locale. 

Before completing your online application, PCI strongly encourages you to watch their one-hour webinar, PetSmart Charities' High Impact Spay/Neuter Grants: What Are We Looking For? Instructed by PCI Program Manager Bryan Kortis, the webinar explains the high impact grant guidelines and offers examples of projects funded in the past. The session explores what is meant by the requirements of "targeting", "target area" and "measurable impact," and the tools and methods needed to reduce the overpopulation of cats or dogs in your community using a high impact grant. After viewing, you'll have all the information you need to design a proposal with the best chance of success. To access the webinar click here