Trap-Neuter-Return Introduced at Community Roundtable

Council Member Arroyo opens feral cat discussion in District 17

September 12, 2012

Like every other part of the city, District 17 in the South Bronx has its share of feral and stray cats. The District is represented by City Council Member Maria del Carmen Arroyo who, recognizing the extent of the problem, and the need to educate community members about humane solutions and available resources, invited Neighborhood Cats to attend a roundtable advisory meeting on Monday, Sept. 10, 2012.

The meeting brought together members of five local community boards who expressed concerns typically associated with unmanaged ferals: noise, odor and a proliferation of unwanted kittens. Neighborhood Cats Executive Director Susan Richmond and co-founder Bryan Kortis gave a 15-minute presentation, Trap-Neuter-Return: An Introduction which addressed these problems, explaining exactly what is meant by "TNR" and why the method works. The overview included a definition of a feral cat colony; impact of unaltered cats on their neighborhoods; what residents can do to safely and effectively manage free-roaming cats (and why other approaches have historically failed); advantages to TNR and a summary of local resources. The presentation was followed by a Q&A.

Neighborhood Cats thanks Council Member Arroyo for the opportunity to educate constituents in her District about Trap-Neuter-Return. We look forward to working together, to benefit ferals, strays and residents of District 17.

We will be pleased to present Trap-Neuter-Return: An Introduction to other Districts and Community Boards on request. Those interested, please contact

Above: Bryan Kortis, Council Member Arroyo, Susan Richmond