Winter Shelter for Feral Cats

plus where to buy shelters and straw in NYC

November 16, 2012

Winter is setting in and that means it's time to prepare shelters that will keep ferals snug through the cold months ahead.  If you're a good do-it-yourselfer, you can easily make durable, insulated shelters at home. If not, there are plenty of affordable, pre-made options available.

Whether you build or buy, remember that even the best shelters won't keep cats warm if they're filled with materials that deplete, rather than conserve, body heat. That means DON'T put blankets, towels or anything else into the shelter that kitties will sit on top of (exception: mylar blankets); DO use lots of straw (not hay!) which they can burrow into. 

For ideas to help you find the best shelter for your colony, check our Feral Cat Winter Shelter Page. Also have a look at Preventing Water From Freezing.

Attention caretakers in the New York City area! For a list of ready-made shelters for purchase as well as locations where you can buy straw, click here (pdf file).

And remember! - Winter is a fine time to TNR cats as females are less likely to be pregnant, but in order to spay when it's cold outside, the cats must have access to warm shelter!