Hurricane Sandy Feral Relief Fund

NYC area cats & caretakers receive aid

November 23, 2012

Feral cats are especially vulnerable to natural disasters. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, one of the worst storms to ever strike New York City, thousands were left hungry, frightened and without winter shelter. In many cases their caretakers also suffered devastating loss of homes and property and have had to struggle to provide for the cats who depend on them.

To reach out to caretakers in need, rebuild colonies and save cats harmed by the hurricane, Neighborhood Cats launched an emergency response immediately after the disaster. Since then the Hurricane Sandy Feral Cat Relief Fund has been working with caretakers every day: 

  • We've distributed hundreds of new winter shelters to replace those those that were lost or destroyed, ensuring cats will stay warm and dry through the cold months ahead.
  • We've provided food for colonies in all five boroughs and on Long Island and other outlying areas. Storm-ravaged regions like Staten Island have received large distributions of nourishing wet and dry food plus bowls, carriers and other needed supplies.
  • Neighborhood Cats is underwriting urgently-needed veterinary care to treat illness or injury caused by the storm. We're helping ferals like Trixie and Tristan (photo) and their two littermates who were found in a waterlogged shelter. The critically-ill kittens needed treatment for upper respiratory infections and gastrointestinal problems caused by contact with contaminated water. All four are now on the mend! 

Hurricane Sandy damaged many lives and those who suffered loss will need our support for months to come. Please help us go on saving the smallest victims of the catastrophe.

Donations may be made online, or contributions payable to Neighborhood Cats can be mailed to: Neighborhood Cats, Hurricane Sandy Feral Cat Relief Fund, 2576 Broadway #555, New York, NY 10025.

If you'd prefer to make a credit card donation over the phone, please leave your name and phone number at 212-662-5761.

100% of monies donated to the Fund will be directed to disaster relief.

If you are a feral cat caretaker in the New York City area and would like to request support through the Hurricane Sandy Feral Cat Relief Fund, please email us at

Many thanks to all who have donated!  A special thank you to: