Introducing the Neighborhood Cats Feral Cat Den!

Safe transport + housing from Tomahawk

December 22, 2012

Caretakers know that when feral cats must be confined for an extended time it's important to help them feel safe in their surroundings. Whether kitty is being socialized or held for medical treatment, a feral cat den placed inside a larger holding cage will give her the quiet retreat she needs. When transport is required a well-designed den can also serve as a secure carrier, allowing the handler to contain kitty without risk of injury to the cat or caretaker.

Neighborhood Cats has been working closely with Tomahawk, manufacturer of top-quality humane traps and equipment to develop the best feral cat den available. Now we're happy to announce the arrival of the Neighborhood Cats Feral Cat Den! All-new features include:

  • a locking side door that can be secured in both "open" and "closed" positions; the door can be moved into "closed" position before the outer holding cage is opened, eliminating direct contact with a frightened cat or chance of escape
  • a clip-locking front door with lock attached to the trap so the door stays shut when you need it to and the lock never gets lost!
  • plexi front door has rounded corners that resist breakage
  • reinforced carry handle for more comfortable transport

The Neighborhood Cats Feral Cat Den is durable and easy to clean. Its 17" x 12" x 12" dimensions can accommodate cats of all sizes. Comes in white, gray or tan.

The Den is affordably priced at $69.50* but - good news! - Tomahawk is offering a holiday special so now through 1/31/13 you can get 10% off the Neighborhood Cats Feral Cat Den, plus any other product on their site! That includes the full line of Neighborhood Cats products by Tomahawk (30" & 36" Traps, Drop Trap, Kitten Screen, Trap Dividers and Transfer Cage). The discount is good for orders placed online and by phone (800-272-8727). Just use promo code NCHOLIDAYS at checkout. 

*Tomahawk will donate $1.00 from the purchase of each Neighborhood Cats Feral Cat Den to The Humane Society of the United States to support their work with feral cats.