The Neighborhood Cats TNR Handbook Now Available Online!

Download the most comprehensive feral cat guide

December 15, 2012

Like so many things in life, learning about Trap-Neuter-Return can seem straightforward at first, but once you get started more and more questions keep popping up. That cat you were certain is wild is warming up to you - is she feral or an adoptable stray? One cat from your colony came back positive for FIV; does that mean you now need to test everybody? What about the angry neighbor who's happy to see you trap cats, but doesn't want them brought back, ever, after they're fixed?

Find help with these, and a myriad of other questions in The Neighborhood Cats TNR Handbook, the most comprehensive guide available for feral cat caretakers. Starting with the basics (What is Trap-Neuter-Return?) the Handbook proceeds with a clear and detailed review of the TNR process. There are chapters about the practical how-to's of providing food, water and shelter, and extensive information about every aspect of trapping including advanced techniques for hard-to-catch cats. The Handbook also features a section devoted to building good community relations - a key but often overlooked component of successful TNR programs.

The best news? The Neighborhood Cats TNR Handbook is now available online at no charge! To download the pdf please click here.  For educational purposes only, the Handbook may be copied in whole or part without further written permission from Neighborhood Cats. Content may not be altered or deleted.

Coming soon! A revised and updated edition of The Neighborhood Cats TNR Handbook! Due for release in summer 2012.