"Feral Cats and TNR 101" by Neighborhood Cats

New webinar offers intro to TNR + feral cat care

July 1, 2012

No one knows just how many feral and stray cats are out there, roaming cities and towns across the United States; estimates range into the tens of millions. What is known for certain is that outdoor cats breed prolifically - and that the only method shown to effectively control the growth of the free-roaming cat population is Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR).

The practice of TNR is still relatively new in this country, and is unfamiliar to many. To guide those who want to take their first steps towards helping free-roaming cats, Neighborhood Cats and the PetSmart EDUcation Team have created an introductory webinar, Feral Cats and TNR 101. The 20-minute webinar is a fact-filled, virtual brown bag of information. Topics covered include the benefits of TNR, why it works while other methods have consistently failed, basic how-tos and more.

Feral Cats and TNR 101 is instructed by Neighborhood Cats' Meredith Weiss and Lois McClurg. The recorded webinar is available for viewing on PetSmart Charities' website. To access Feral Cats and TNR 101 please click here.