Action Alert! Oppose Hunting Season for New York's Mourning Doves

Senate Bill 6968 would legalize sport killing

May 22, 2012

For decades mourning doves have been protected in New York State but soon they may be fair game for hunters. That's because proposed legislation, Senate Bill 6968 directs the Commissioner of Environmental Protection to classify mourning doves as "migratory game birds".  If the bill becomes law, the result will be:

  • shooting season on a traditionally protected songbird.
  • vast numbers of wounded birds and small animals left to suffer and die.
  • immense amounts of added lead shot - toxic to people, pets and wildlife - pumped into the environment. More than 130 species have already been shown to be suffering the effects of this toxicity.

There is no good reason to shoot a mourning dove, but there are lots of very good reasons not to. Mourning doves are not overpopulated. They're harmless and pose no threat to anyone. They consume vast quantities of weed seeds, a great benefit to farmers and landowners. They are beloved by bird watchers who spend millions of dollars each year in NY enjoying local and migratory populations. Shooting them would be nothing more than a cruel "sport".

WHAT YOU CAN DO: NY State residents ONLY, please call your State Senator and politely urge them to oppose SB 6968.  To locate your state legislator click here.

We strongly urge that you follow up with an email, reminding your representative that as a constituent, you are calling upon them to prevent the senseless killing of mourning doves in New York. To quickly send a message to your State Senator go to The Humane Society of the United States Humane Alert page.

Thank you for caring!