Happy Mothers' Spay! Winners

One contest; two big winners!

May 11, 2011

Neighborhood Cats' Happy Mothers' Spay contest celebrates every fixed cat who doesn't bring more homeless kittens into the world - and honors the hard-working trappers and caretakers who make that happen.

Our 1st annual Happy Mothers' Spay contest invited caretakers to tell us (in 200 words or less) about a feral cat whose life is better because she was spayed.  We received entries from NYC and beyond about ferals of every stripe. There were Muffins and Mitzis, Lulus and Lucys, Buttercups, Roses and Daisies.  We thank each and every one of you who took the time to share stories of your beloved cats.  In the end we just couldn't decide and so we have two winners:  Susan St. John of NYC, caretaker of Mama Belle, and Tammey Stubbs who looks after Li'l Kit Kat in Wichita, Kansas.  Each received a new Neighborhood Cats trap so other ferals can have the same good fortune to be TNR'd.  Because when it comes to cats, the best gift you can give her is NOT being a Mom.

Mama Belle
by Susan St. John

Mama Belle

Mama Belle lives in my community driveway in Woodhaven.  Many cats had been living in one individual's backyard, and while he cared about them, he never had any of them sterilized.  Thin mothers and sickly kittens would be seen hiding in the weeds.  Life for the cats changed when a fire destroyed twelve houses on the block.  At that point I stepped in, took over their feeding and began doing TNR.  The colony was sterilized nearly two years ago.  That summer eight kittens from five different litters found homes.  Four of those kittens were Mama Belle's.

Mama Belle is a beautiful white and tabby striped cat.  Her constant companions are her adult daughter, Little One, and Meena.  Mama Belle and her family had to have their shelter relocated    after the fire and a neighbor was willing to move the shelter to her yard only because they had        been spayed.

Mama Belle's life is a happy one now, spent relaxing, safe and secure, without the pressures of having to protect and care for a litter.

Li'l Kit Kat
by Tammey Stubbs with the help of Friends of Felines (

Li'l Kit Kat & Big Boy

A Romance Spared

Before I even finished unpacking and putting out the doormat to my new home, there she was - a little wisp of a cat with a telltale bulge, her back swaying low and her boyfriend in close pursuit.  Digging through a box for a bowl, I put it out by my garage door filled with kitty dinner.

Next morning, going to refill the bowl, out strolled this darling (I've yet to hear any meow last that long!) Her big strapping Tom was still lounging in the bushes where they spent the night together.

Li'l Kit Kat.  That's her name now.  And every morning, I greet my talkative, ear-tipped 9 month old kitten who was spared from having 5 more.  With the aid of a dedicated rescue, she and her boyfriend were both spared a family.  They are still inseparable and I find them either running side by side to the dish or curled up waiting each day.  So it really was true love between them.  Motherhood would have just gotten in the way of romance.