Help Us Help Kitty!

ChipIn to save a sweet rescued senior

April 13, 2012

Last week he was A #092784, a seriously ill senior cat with a tipped left ear who'd been turned in to Animal Care & Control. This week he has a name: Kitty. He has a future, too, because when Neighborhood Cats found out that Kitty was at ACC, and scheduled to be euthanized we went and got him, and brought him to a veterinarian for the care he desperately needs. 

Kitty is about 9 years old. Someone must have been kind to him once because he has a calm trust that each new person he meets will be a friend. But his battered little body shows he has suffered hard times, and serious neglect. He is now hospitalized, and receiving treatment that we hope can restore him to good health. The tests and supportive care that Kitty needs are costly. We've set up a ChipIn page and hope friends will help us help Kitty! To make a donation - any amount is appreciated! - please click here.