The Neighborhood Cats trap

Now available online from Tomahawk

January 2, 2011

Tired of taping cardboard onto the trip plate of a trap meant for catching raccoons?  Exasperated at getting your feral cat back from the vet and finding the back door unlocked?  Never enough room on the top plate to place your labels?  At long last, your trap has arrived!  Manufactured by Tomahawk, a family-owned business renowned for their high quality work, and designed by Neighborhood Cats, this is the first trap on the market made especially for Trap-Neuter-Return.  It comes in two lengths - 30" and 36" - and at affordable prices.   Also available from Tomahawk is a trap divider designed by us.

The Neighborhood Cats Trap cures the problems we've faced over the years when adapting traps made for other animals or purposes.  We want our traps to be large enough to double as cages, so we've had to use raccoon traps (cat traps were too small).  But that meant always having to tape cardboard onto the trip plate to make the plate longer - otherwise cats would often step right over it.   The trip plate on Tomahawk's new trap is long enough so this will no longer be necessary.

We also need our traps to have a rear door.  This makes it possible to feed and clean while a cat is confined in the trap before and after surgery.  But the traps we used either had no locking mechanism for the rear door or had one that was too often left undone when the cats were returned to us from the vet or spay/neuter clinic.  On the Neighborhood Cats trap, locking the back door is a simple one-step process - just snap the clip through the loop and you're good!

Then there were the handles - too small, or only one, so when you had a trapped cat shifting around, the trap would tip back and forth and be difficult to carry.  The new trap has two extra long and thick handles to solve this problem.  The top plate is extra large as well, offering more protection to the person carrying the trap from an irate lodger, plus there's more space for placing labels and instructions for your clinic or fellow trappers.

The trap comes with Tomahawk's usual features, including excellent construction, extra reinforced steel rods to secure the front door automatic locking mechanism, smaller wire mesh openings near the rear door to protect your bait from feline paws reaching in, adjustable trigger mechanism with brass roller, and durability for long-lasting use.

What can we say?  This is our favorite trap - after all, we designed it!  Also check out Tomahawk's new trap divider.  It's strong enough that it can be safely used for feeding and cleaning while a cat is confined in the trap.  The divider also comes with its own safety clip which can be attached to the side or top of the trap.   It will work with any standard trap.

To order: 
Call Tomahawk at 800-272-8727 or go to and click on "Deluxe TNR Cat Traps"

Model             Product name                          L-W-H               Wgt            1 to 5            6+
606NC           Neighborhood Cat Trap              30 x 10 x 12          10 lbs.        $55.00        $52.00
608NC           Neighborhood XL Cat Trap          36 x 10 x 12          11 lbs.       $58.00         $55.00
TD12NC         Neighborhood Trap Divider          18 x 11.5              3.5 lbs.       $18.00        $16.00
Kit 1              1-606NC & 1-TD12NC                                                              $69.00        $66.00
Kit 2              1-608NC & 1-TD12NC                                                              $72.00        $69.00