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July 1, 2015

News flash!

(6.29.15, Albany, NY)
This week the Senate passed S. 1081, a bill that would allow up to 20% of the state's Animal Population Control Program funds to be granted to organizations engaging in Trap-Neuter-Return. Governor Andrew Cuomo is now considering whether to sign the measure into law.  Full story.
(6.28.15, Schaumburg, IL) Recently the Austin County District Attorney's Office decided not to press charges against Kristin Lindsey, the veterinarian who killed a cat with a bow and arrow then bragged about it on Facebook. Now the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is calling the DA's application of AVMA's euthanasia guidelines, which factored into the decision, "seriously flawed". Both the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners and AVMA's Judicial Council are considering independent disciplinary actions.  Full story.
(6.26.16, Los Angeles, CA) In an urban twist on putting cats in barns to control rodents, Voice for the Animals places unsocialized kitties in city locales including police stations, flower markets and schools. Since its founding in 1999 the Working Cats Program has saved about 500 of LA's street cats.  Full story.

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Save Finnegan & His Friends

A long-neglected colony needs your help now

June 5, 2015

Finnegan and more than 20 other forgotten cats have been struggling to survive in a ruined house on Staten Island. Mold spores, malnutrition and neglect are slowly killing them - but if we act NOW they can be saved! 

Please make a contribution today to help stop the suffering and save these precious lives.

UPDATE: Care for the colony is underway!  Follow our progress on the cats' youcaring page.

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Action Alert! Help Make NY State Spay/Neuter Funds Available for TNR

Urge support for Senate Bill S. 1081

June 3, 2015

The Animal Population Control Program (APCP) in NY is a statewide fund that supports organized spay/neuter efforts. But under the program's current guidelines, TNR initiatives aren't eligible for grant monies.

With your help, that may change! Senate Bill S.1081 would clear the way for community-based TNR programs to receive APCP funding. 

Please call your state senator and politely urge support for S.1081 so that NY state's feral and stray populations can be managed more humanely and effectively. 

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Coming This Summer - TNR Workshop in Jersey City

Learn to impact cats in your neighborhood!

May 28, 2015

The Neighborhood Cats TNR Workshop is coming to Jersey City!

Join us on Saturday, August 8 as our expert instructors show you how to use trap-neuter-return to make life better for community cats. Seating is limited - reserve your spot today!

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Meet our Scholarship Winners!

2015 veterinary scholarship recipients named

May 11, 2015

We are pleased to announce that five outstanding veterinarians have been awarded scholarships through the 2015 Neighborhood Cats/Humane Alliance Veterinary Scholarship Program. Each award entitles the recipient to four days of high-volume high-quality low-cost spay/neuter instruction at the Humane Alliance Training Center in Asheville, NC.

In keeping with the program's goals, these doctors will be able to use their new skills to have maximum impact on feral and stray cats in their communities.

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Do Good with GoodShop

Go shopping to save cats!

April 18, 2015

Did you know you can help community cats just by shopping online? It's true! When you register with Goodshop you get great deals at thousands of online retailers - and Goodshop will make a donation to Neighborhood Cats based on what you spend.

It's fast. It's easy. It saves lives. Click here to get started. 

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The Neighborhood Cats TNR Handbook, 2nd Edition is Here

HSUS says get your paws on a copy!

July 2, 2014

The Humane Society of the United States is urging feral cat advocates to "get their paws" on the new second edition of the Neighborhood Cats TNR Handbook. Their review in Animal Sheltering Magazine calls it "indispensible...helpful...comprehensive and up-to-the-minute". Whether you're new to TNR or an experienced caretaker, you're sure to find information you can use to further your work with community cats.

Getting your paws on the Handbook is easy! It's available from Neighborhood Cats at no charge in two formats: online (6 MB) or download/print (11MB).  You'll need Adobe Reader 10 or later to open the files properly - version 11 can be downloaded for free.

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Saving Pat the Cat

On May 16 Neighborhood Cats received an urgent call about a feral stuck in a sewer grate in Jersey City. We joined forces with emergency responders to save her life.

Click the image below to view the amazing rescue.

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