Emergency Feral Cat Shelter

A simple and effective way to save lives in winter

January 22, 2016

A major storm is now churning its way up the East coast bringing heavy snowfall and frigid temperatures. Don't leave feral cats out in the cold!...if you don't have permanent shelters set up, you can still offer good, temporary shelter to help them through severe weather. 

The materials you'll need couldn't be simpler. A cardboard box + trash bags + duct tape + newspaper = warm winter shelter. Read on for the easy how-to instructions.

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Feral NewsWatch

Highlights & updates in the TNR field

January 15, 2016

News flash!

(1.12.16, El Paso, TX) The City Council is aiming to increase the municipal shelter's live release rate from its current 42% to 90% by 2020; among the actions planned to reach that goal are removal of legal impediments to Trap-Neuter-Return in El Paso.  Full story.
(1.11.16, Miri, Malaysia)
The non-profit group Zero Strays Miri (ZSM) is working with the Miri City Council to establish a TNR program throughout the city, located in the Malaysian territory of Borneo.  Full story.

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Blog On!

Cat news you can use from our HuffPost blogger

December 18, 2015

Neighborhood Cats' Bryan Kortis is a blogger for the Huffington Post and has just penned his latest installment, a review of feline behaviorist Jackson Galaxy's new book, Catify to Satisfy.

Read the review - and don't forget to follow Bryan so you don't miss a column as he writes about all things cat!

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Winter Shelter for Feral Cats

Plus where to buy shelters and straw in NYC

December 8, 2015

With a little help from their friends, feral cats can survive in just about any climate. Providing warm, dry shelter is an essential part of colony caretaking in colder regions and now, as winter approaches, is the time to prepare.

Fortunately there are lots of inexpensive, relatively simple ways to make good, durable shelter to keep cats toasty on even the coldest nights. Check out our Feral Cat Winter Shelter Page for ideas. Also have a look at Preventing Water From Freezing.

Attention caretakers in the New York City area! Check out this list of ready-made shelters for purchase as well as locations where you can buy straw (doc file).

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Ban Cat Declawing in NY State

Sign the petition to help A. 1297 become law

November 10, 2015

Declawing has been banned in dozens of countries around the world. Why? Because it's a painful, traumatic and potentially crippling procedure inflicted on cats wholly for the sake of convenience.

Despite growing opposition, declawing remains legal in much of the U.S. including New York. With your help that may change. A. 1297 is a bill that would ban declawing in NY State. Protect cats from this inhumane practice - sign the petition in support of A. 1297 today.

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Watch The New Yorker Magazine's "Cats of the Urban Wild"

New documentary puts the focus on ferals

September 8, 2015

Feral cats proliferate throughout New York City and in communities across the country. Cats of the Urban Wild, a short documentary from The New Yorker, takes a look at the problem, and how the method known as Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) can help.

The video features interviews with Neighborhood Cats co-founder Bryan Kortis and Neighborhood Cats Board Member and noted feline expert Anitra Frazier.

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Introducing the Lightweight, Space-Saving 605NC

Exclusively from Tomahawk Live Trap

September 1, 2015

The newest Neighborhood Cats trap by Tomahawk is here! The 605NC has the same quality construction and feral-friendly features as other Tomahawk traps but its slightly more compact size and light weight - just 8.5 lbs. - make it an ideal choice when working with bigger traps isn't convenient.

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The Neighborhood Cats TNR Handbook, 2nd Edition is Here

HSUS says get your paws on a copy!

July 2, 2014

The Humane Society of the United States is urging feral cat advocates to "get their paws" on the new second edition of the Neighborhood Cats TNR Handbook. Their review in Animal Sheltering Magazine calls it "indispensible...helpful...comprehensive and up-to-the-minute". Whether you're new to TNR or an experienced caretaker, you're sure to find information you can use to further your work with community cats.

Getting your paws on the Handbook is easy! It's available from Neighborhood Cats at no charge in two formats: online (6 MB) or download/print (11MB).  You'll need Adobe Reader 10 or later to open the files properly - version 11 can be downloaded for free.

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Saving Pat the Cat

On May 16 Neighborhood Cats received an urgent call about a feral stuck in a sewer grate in Jersey City. We joined forces with emergency responders to save her life.

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