Introducing the Neighborhood Cats Drop Trap!

Now available from Tomahawk Live Traps

The Neighborhood Cats Drop Trap


Working with Tomahawk Live Traps, Neighborhood Cats has helped design an affordable, collapsible drop trap - the first mass-manufactured drop trap ever!  The trap folds flat, weighs only 14 lbs., allows for escape-free transfer to a normal box trap and is all metal and easy to clean.  The price is a low $99.50 ($89 if you order 6 or more).  Also available in a kit including drop trap and transfer cage for $139.50.  To order:

online:  click here
phone:  1-800-272-8727

A drop trap can be an experienced feral cat trapper's best friend.  A normal box trap (see Recommended Equipment) requires the cat to overcome her natural fear of entering an enclosed space.  This is why depriving her of food the day before is important, so she'll overcome her fear and go in after the bait.  A drop trap, on the other hand, is something the cat goes under, not into, and this is something very few cats are afraid to do.  As a result, they don't have to be as hungry (just withhold food the day of the trapping) and you can catch normally trap-shy cats.  Drop traps are also great for picking out and trapping a particular cat, such as a pregnant one, from the colony.

To learn how to use a drop trap safely and effectively, download the pdf file of our full instructions.

Build your own

Collapsible drop traps have the advantage of being easy   to transport and store.  However, if you're so inclined, you can build a non-collapsible model from wood and netting.  The drop trap in the photo to the right  was designed by Laura Burns.  Building your own requires some basic woodworking skills.  For details on design and construction, click here (Word doc.)

For lots more great information on drop traps, including designs and videos, check out the Drop Trap Design Bank.