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Low cost spay/neuter

Find affordable spay/neuter for cats in your area! Listed here are national and state databases of veterinary clinics offering low cost surgeries. When you locate one that looks like it will work for you, contact the clinic and check that the listing is current and, if you're doing TNR, that they accept cats in traps. When you make an appointment, we recommend getting an estimate for the services you'll need.

If you don't find a listing here, try contacting a local shelter, rescue group or animal control agency to see if they can provide a referral.

National Databases

United Spay Alliance
USA offers the most up-to-date listings and should be the first stop in your search. Go to their spay/neuter referral map, click on your state then enter your city or zip code and set the parameters for distance from your location.

ASPCA Spay/Neuter Alliance
The National Spay Neuter Response Team Clinics map shows all the high volume spay/neuter clinics set up by the Humane Alliance (now taken over by the ASPCA) as of 2019. Clicking on a blue pin will reveal contact info for that particular clinic. Because the map was made five years ago, not all info will be current and you'll need to confirm they're still in business. But if they are, these clinics can be excellent resources for affordable surgeries.

Try Googling "low cost spay and neuter near [your location]" and there's a good chance you'll find some results.

State Databases

Alaska: Alaska Spay/Neuter Assistance Program
Arizona: Animal Defense League of Arizona
California: Spay California
Connecticut: CT Dept. of Agriculture's Animal Population Control Program, see list of participating vets
Florida: Spay Neuter Florida
Georgia: GA Pet Resources
Idaho: Idaho Spay Network 
Illinois: Spay Illinois
Indiana: Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership
Iowa: Spay Iowa  
Maine: Spay Maine
Maryland: Friends for Rescue and Pet Care
Massachusetts: Spay Mass Referral Program by Massachusetts Animal Coalition
Michigan: Spay Michigan. a program of All About Animals
Mississippi: Mississippi Spay and Neuter
Montana: Spay Montana
Nevada: Spay Nevada
New Hampshire: Animal Allies
New Jersey: Animal Protection League of New Jersey
New Mexico: Animal Protection New Mexico
New York (New York City area): Neighborhood Cats
North Carolina: Spay NC, a program of AnimalKind
North Dakota: Low Income Relief
Rhode Island: Friends of the Bristol Animal Shelter
Tennessee: Spay Tennessee
Texas: Spay Texas
Vermont: Vermont Humane Federation
Washington (State): Meow Cat Rescue
Washington DC: Humane Rescue Alliance (free monthly clinic for TNR cats)
West Virginia: Spay WV
Wyoming: Spay Wyoming by Animal Adoption Center

 (Updated June 13, 2024.)