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Community cat protocols

Resources for veterinary clinics working with community cats

For a veterinarian and veterinary clinic, spay/neuter of community cats, especially when they are feral, presents unique challenges. A feral's temperment may require special handling techniques to avoid injury to staff and the patient. Often with TNR projects, large numbers of cats will be fixed during the same clinic, requiring protocols suitable for high volume surgery. Resources created by highly regarded practitioners and clinics who have recorded their methods are listed below.


Special Considerations for Community Cats at Spay/Neuter Clinics: Best Practices for Medical and Management Protocols (ASPCA  2014)
This illustrated, full-color guide covers best practices in medical and management protocols, including trapping, physical exams, patient selection and identification, anesthesia and analgesia, eartipping, surgery and recovery, tattooing and discharge and release. Free download.

Returning Healthy Feral Cats: Tips for veterinary care during trap-neuter-return by Dr. Brenda Griffin, DVM (Animal Sheltering Magazine 2013)

Caring for Feral Cats in the Clinic by Nancy Peterson, RVT (Veterinary Technician 2006)

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