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Neighborhood Cats TNR Certification Workshop

Are you ready to be part of the solution for feral and stray cats? In this virtual course, learn what TNR is, why it works, and how to get started. In this virtual course hosted by The Community Cats Podcast, our expert instructors will teach you best practices for Trap-Neuter-Return and colony management. We'll cover getting along with neighbors, preparations for trapping, trapping itself (including entire colonies at once), feeding, winter shelter and more. Take advantage of the interactive format, extensive handouts and video footage of actual projects.

Attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance.  New York City residents will qualify for free TNR services, including spay/neuter, trap rentals and expert assistance.

Upcoming Dates

Saturday, October 3, 2020, 2pm - 4:30pm Eastern Time
Live and online!
Instructors:  Susan Richmond (Executive Director, Neighborhood Cats) & Bryan Kortis (National Programs Director, Neighborhood Cats)
$10.00 course fee