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Free & Low Cost Spay/Neuter in NYC

There are a number of veterinary providers in New York City who offer free or low cost spay/neuter for feral cats. Many require TNR certification to qualify, which can be obtained by attending a Neighborhood Cats TNR Workshop. Check with the clinic you're interested in for pricing, how to schedule appointments and eligibility requirements.

- No Cost Providers

ASPCA Stationary Spay/Neuter Clinics
Free spay/neuter, rabies vaccinations and eartipping are offered for feral cats at the ASPCA's stationary clinics in Glendale, Queens, and on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Other veterinary services are available at a low cost. Feral cats may be brought directly to one of the clinics or you may be able to use the ASPCA's transport service.

To access these services, you must attend a TNR certification workshop and become a registered rescuer with the ASPCA. Registering as a rescuer and making appointments for spay/neuter and transport can be done online. If someone does not have Internet access, call (877) 772-9692. For more information, go to ASPCA Stationary Spay/Neuter Clinic.

The Toby Project / Ferals in Peril
In partnership with Ferals in Peril, The Toby Project offers free feral cat spay/neuter surgeries at a stationary clinic in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, on Sundays and Mondays. Appointments may be scheduled by TNR-certified rescuers located in Brooklyn and Staten Island. To schedule, call Peter at (347) 816-2899.

The Humane Society of New York
For feral cats brought by TNR-certified individuals, The Humane Society of New York offers spay/neuter, eartipping, rabies vaccine and flea and ear mite medication at no cost. Other services are available at low cost. The clinic is located in Midtown Manhattan on the East Side. To schedule an appointment, call (212) 752-4842.

- Low Cost Providers

Faithful Friends Animal Hospital
2455 McDonald Ave., Brooklyn, NY  11223
Discount spay/neuter and other veterinary services are offered to TNR-certified individuals. By appointment only. Call (718) 339-7387.

Park Slope Veterinary Center
639 4th Ave., Brooklyn, NY  11232
Discount spay/neuter and other veterinary services are offered to TNR-certified individuals. By appointment only. Call (718) 369-7387.

- Spay/Neuter Certificate Programs

With a spay/neuter certificate program, you purchase a voucher or certificate at a pre-set price and then redeem it for a surgery at a participating veterinarian. When you purchase a certificate, be sure to request a referral to a veterinary clinic which treats ferals (not all of them do). Also, sometimes a clinic will add charges for services not included in the certificate. Always request a complete estimate of all charges prior to surgery and do not assume your voucher will cover everything.

There are two national certificate programs which include veterinarians in NYC:

Call 1-800-248-SPAY or purchase a certificate online.

Friends of Animals
Call 1-800-321-PETS or purchase a certificate online.

- Outside NYC

Check our national and state listings to find a low cost spay/neuter clinic outside New York City.