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FIV cats

Study concludes it's safe for neutered FIV positive and negative cats to live together

Researchers at Purdue University's College of Veterinary Medicine, as reported by Catster, have concluded FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) is not transmitted through normal daily interaction between altered cats. That means FIV positive and FIV negative kitties can live safely together.  And that means there's no need to euthanize cats simply because they test positive for the virus or bar them from placed into homes or managed colonies with negative cats in residence.

The key to safe co-existence is spaying and neutering. FIV passes from cat to cat when the virus enteres the bloodstream. That happens when intact cats inflict deep bite wounds during mating battles. Fixed cats who know one another don't interact that way. Normal daily behaviors, like grooming and sharing food and water bowls, pose no risk of transmission.

The same study also debunks another longstanding belief by concluding FIV positive females do not pass the virus on to their kittens. The research was conducted by Dr. Annette Litster of Purdue University and was published in The Veterinary Journal where it is available for purchase. A webinar presented by Dr. Litster after she had conducted her preliminary research offers an in-depth look at her initial findings.